San Fran Trip 2016

We took a short trip down to San Francisco last weekend to attend our friend SCL's housewarming party.  Outside of a few snafus(delayed flight, possessed alarm clock in the hotel room next door, our bag somehow not making it onto our flight home), we had an enjoyable and quite delicious trip.

One of our first food stops (as always) was In N Out Burger.  We're always amazed at how tasty and reasonably priced the food is and how friendly and well organized the employees are.

Saturday morning, we woke early and headed out to the one place that I tell everyone to go when in San Fran:  Liguria Bakery.  They sell amazing focacia bread in a variety of flavors and only take cash.  Get there early or the flavor you want may be gone.  We recommend the onion.

We continued our self-made walking tour by stopping by a favorite from our 2013 trip's food tour:  Cavalli Cafe.  We had lattes and split a cannoli.  Our favorite part of the cannoli is that it isn't overly sweet and the texture doesn't weird Jeff out since he's wholly opposed to ricotta in most all circumstances.

We wanted to do more eating, but were stuffed at this point.  I decided I needed to go see my noisy friends over at Pier 39, so we took a nice walk over there to visit.

After taking some time to digest, we headed back to Chinatown to get some dumplings and rice cakes at Z & Y restaurant.  The dumplings were good, but the rice cakes were just okay.

We finished off our self made tour with a stop at iCafe SF for an egg tart and a green tea mochi with red bean filling.

Later that evening, we made a stop at a place Jeff's brother once took us to:  Amigos Grill.  We ordered al pastor tacos and a carne asada burrito.  They were so delicious that we wish they had a Seattle location.

Sunday we had a lazy day and eventually decided to go see The Accountant at Santana Row due to its proximity to our evening dinner plans.  We grabbed a snack of cream cheese danish and raisin roll beforehand at a cafe that we neglected to capture the name.

We dined at Din Tai Fung with Jeff's brother and sister in law that evening, but the best part of the day was getting to see our kitty nieces!  This is the very sweet Oreo (her sister, Pepper, is way too active to photograph).

We took an early flight back to Seattle on Monday morning and spent most of the day lazing about the house.  It was glorious.  So glad we had the chance to visit and see SCL's fantastic new place!