Stitch Fix #8 - September 2016

I love my monthly Stitch Fix box since I always manage to schedule it at just the right time to be something exciting and fun when other stressful stuff is trying to ruin my week.  I told my stylist, Melissa, to surprise me this month since I tend to really enjoy the items she sends when she doesn't have to deal with my rambling "I want this" notes.


Octavia Anais Feather Infinity Scarf - Returned

This is the first scarf I've received from Stitch Fix.  It's a slightly sheer material with a navy background and multicolor feathers.  I was interested in this out of the box for the colors, but also nervous since I'm not a scarf wearer.  Thankfully, the style card gave explicit instructions on how to wear it.  It paired well with the chambray top as Melissa suggested, but I just didn't care for how it looked on me.  I felt it poofed up a bit high in the front and looked funny (see picture from the side).  It might be new scarf user error, but the high poof in the front combined with not really being into the feather design meant it had to go back.


Skies are Blue Plover Embroidered Chambray Top - Kept

This is honestly the first chambray item I've ever even tried on since I usually look at items made of this material and think "yuck."  I'm glad Melissa sent this, however, because it got me to actually try it.  This top has a neat neckline with fun embroidered details and is nice and long (meaning it could be worn with leggings and boots!).  The sleeves are about 3/4 length when unrolled and hit a bit above the elbow when rolled.  The shoulders are just barely wide enough, but I like how it looks on me so it's going to live in my closet.


Just Black Addison Skinny Jean - Returned

I was so excited to pull these jeans out of my box.  The price list says these jeans are dark purple, but in reality they're more of a very pretty burgundy.  I was so bummed when I realized they hit about 1 - 1.5 inches above my ankle bone meaning they'd look really weird if I wore them with flats instead of boots.  These pants had no indication of being a size with a short inseam, so I was fairly confused about why they were so short on my 5'6" regular inseam wearing self.  Sadly, they had to go back.


Skies are Blue Svend Wool Faux Suede Vest - Returned

This vest has a faux suede front, soft furry inside, and knit back.  It fit me pretty well and I liked the combination of materials and the way it looked on me, but I was really concerned about caring for it.  The light color means a high risk of food stains for messy eaters like me.  I was really worried that the furry soft part inside would turn lumpy and the faux suede wouldn't stay nice upon washing.  I also didn't like that the furry soft part inside was shedding all over the place.  Unfortunately, I can't validate keeping a piece I'm wary about washing/looking nice in the long term.


Skies are Blue Foxx Striped Slit Back Pullover - Returned

This sweater appears to be a normal black and white striped sweater from the front, but has a neat upside down v cutout with sheer white and black polka fabric on the back.  I really liked the idea of this, but this sweater was too big.  I was surprised to find the shoulders were too wide and the sleeves were too long since I have both wide shoulders and long arms.  The waist and bottom were also too big.  Overall, I'd like to try a similar style in a different color since the front of this sweater reminds me of another I already have in my closet.


Final thoughts on this fix

Most of the items in this fix weren't things I would choose for myself, but this is why I have Melissa!  She consistently sends me items that look great on me (if they fit, but she obviously can only predict that to a certain point) and push me just a bit out of my comfort zone.  I'm still liking Stitch Fix a little more with each box and am thoroughly delighted with what I'm learning about my personal style, likes, and dislikes.


I purchase my Stitch Fix subscription myself and am not sponsored in any way. All opinions are my own. If you sign up using my referral link , I'll receive Stitch Fix credit to go toward my future fixes.