Stitch Fix #9 - October 2016

Happy October!  I scheduled my Fix a little earlier this month so I'd have time to actually blog about it in the month I receive it (next weekend's post is reserved for all things Halloween, obviously).  I didn't have anything specific in mind for this fix, so I once again asked Melissa to surprise me.  She did a fantastic job, as usual, especially since I have been doing a terrible job of keeping my Pinterest board up to date.  I'm also excited that my friend RN of WhiskyWoof recently decided to give Stitch Fix a try (check out her post about it here).  She even used my referral link, so shout out to her for technically helping out with the cost of this month's fix!  :D

Read on for details!


Edyson Leon Corduroy Ankle Zip Skinny Jean - Returned

Melissa sent these brown corduroy pants to mix it up a bit from my typical everyday denim.  I appreciate that since I don't think I've ever owned a pair of corduroy pants.  She also mentioned they would be a good match for the Skies Are Blue Plover embroidered chambray top I kept from Fix #8.  These are a lovely color and I like the zipper detail at the ankles, but there were some fit issues.  The pants are a teeny bit short (not as much as the Just Black Addison skinny jeans from Fix #8) , the waist is a bit big, and the legs felt a bit tight.  I attribute this to my recent random weight loss (after a pretty long stall) where my waist slimmed down and my legs have not yet caught up.  I'm definitely going to reevaluate my sizing in my style profile before my next fix to attempt to address this.  Sadly, these had to go back.


Collective Concepts Suhr Tie Neck Top - Returned

Melissa sent this top to go with the corduroy pants and I thought it was a neat pick.  It definitely isn't something I'd pick for myself, but I really like the color/pattern combo and length.  There is also some really neat stitching/detailing on the top of the sleeves!  My only qualm was the tie at the neck with tassels on the ends since I tend not to like tassels on anything (clothes, pillows, drapes, you name it).  I would have liked it better with a button or hook closure instead.  Since I wasn't keeping the pants, I tried the top on with some jeans and it just didn't look as good.  I decided it also had to go back.


Absolutely Arcada Hooded Back Detail Cardigan - Kept

Melissa suggested wearing this over the tie neck top, but I would probably wear it with something else since it just didn't look right to me with the bow and tassels.  I was a little nervous this cardigan would be too flowy when I put it on, but I think it fits just right.  I like that it's neutral and the back detail is fun.  A definite keeper.


Skies Are Blue Bellin Cargo Jacket - Kept

To be super honest, I wasn't into this when I pulled it out of the box.  It's green and I already have the Coffeeshop Arue Elbow Patch Cargo Jacket in navy from Fix #5.  As always, I try things on anyway since I have been surprised about liking things I thought I wouldn't in the past.  Sure enough, I put this jacket on and was immediately pleased with how it fit and looked on me in general.  I like that it is fairly long and makes my waist look small.  In fact, I think I like it better than my other cargo jacket!  Melissa also noted that the olive color is both on trend and easy to pair with browns, blacks, and even navy so I can wear it with many things!  Very excited to add this to my closet!


Market & Spruce Vitaro Cowl Neck Poncho Knit Top - Returned

I have never in my life tried on a poncho that wasn't a big plastic hooded thing meant to be worn in the rain (think Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls), so I wasn't sure what to think when I pulled this out of the box.  Melissa described it as casual, yet stylish and easy to throw on with jeans to be comfy and chic at the same time.  Who knew that was possible?!  The poncho is made of incredibly soft material in a nice neutral color.  I typically avoid cowl necks because I think they look weird, but this one turned out to look fine on me.  I also like the kangaroo pocket on the front.  I was kind of wishy washy about whether or not I wanted to keep this, but Jeff sealed the deal by giggling when he saw it and commenting that it looked like Bill Belichick's game day hoodie with cut off sleeves.  Thanks, Jeff.  Overall, I just didn't love it on me, so it had to go in the return bag.


Final thoughts on this fix

Melissa consistently chooses pieces that are just a little different than what I would choose for myself, but with characteristics that I definitely like too.  I especially love that she recognizes that I gravitate toward items with neat little details (like the sleeves on the top that ties and the back of the cardigan).  My dislikes on pieces from this fix (aside from fit) are very minor and it took a lot of deliberation to ultimately decide what to put in the return bag. I think I'm going to continue asking Melissa to do her thing without making any specific requests since I've especially enjoyed my last two fixes like this.


I purchase my Stitch Fix subscription myself and am not sponsored in any way. All opinions are my own. If you sign up using my referral link , I'll receive Stitch Fix credit to go toward my future fixes.